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About Light Panel ONE

ONE light panel, endless possibilities

The Light Panel ONE is a series of energy efficient, state-of-the-art LED edge lit panels that create stunning displays and lighting options for retail, POP, cosmetic, architectural signage, and other commercial environments. Our team of experienced in-house engineers have the technical skills and insight to help you take a creative vision and bring it to reality. No matter the project specifications or application, we’ll work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.


  • Maximum light exposure – we only use fully transparent grade-A acrylic
  • Superior LED clarity – our laser creates a precise polished panel edge for better light Illumination
  • Homogenous light distribution – our laser dotting technologies guarantee optimal light distribution throughout the panel
  • Thin and sleek – acrylic thicknesses available in 0.22″ (5.8mm), 0.28″ (7.3mm), and 0.41″ (10.3mm) sizes
  • Variety of LED Color Temperatures
    • 6500K (daylight white)
    • 5000K (neutral white)
    • 4000K (warm moonlight white)
    • 3000K (very warm white)
    • Single color (red/green/blue)
    • RGB multi-color
  • Flexible Power Cable Exit Points – exits from edge or from the middle to rear of the panel
  • 24VDC – power supply units, or to your specifications
  • Fast turn-around – 1-2 weeks lead times
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes – we support customized sizes up to 47 in. x 118 in.
  • Samples – most often next day delivery!


We offer 3 LED Edge Lit Panel solutions:



Our team of experienced in-house engineers have the technical skills and insight to help you take a creative idea and bring it to reality. No matter the project specifications or application, we’ll work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.


German Engineered, American Made

By manufacturing and testing all products in our Wisconsin facility, LUXX maintains complete control over product design, quality, services, and support. Our strict in-house Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures ensure consistent premium deliverables. Every time.



There’s a science behind this

Considerable differences in manufacturing, design, the materials we use and engineering distinguish the Light Panel ONE from the other panels available in the market today.


Engineering & Design 

All Light Panel ONE systems consist of a series of neatly integrated components; optical grade clear acrylic, mylar tape, LED strips, optional light diffusion film, and optional Panel ONE Shield.


The PMMA acrylic that we use ranks number one in transparency among all transparent optical grade cell cast acrylics

Every Light Panel ONE begins with an PMMA acrylic sheet of 96% optical clarity. This kind of acrylic has better light transmission characteristics than many kinds of glass. Because of this high transparency, the Light Panel ONE LED light rays are evenly dispersed throughout the panel, providing total luminous transmittance while eliminating outside UV light emissions.


The Light Panel ONE acrylic is cut using a high-precision laser allowing for superior LED luminosity

As opposed to competitors, LUXX Light Technology uses laser machines for ultra fast precise cutting of the acrylic. This enables, the LED light to clearly shine through the panels edge with minimal distortion. Because of this highly efficient cutting process we can provide you with maximum accuracy, outstanding reproducibility and a consistently brighter LED Light Panel.


We only use UL Listed, Tier 1 ANSI Binned LED Strips

All light sources for the Light Panel ONE are high light intensity, low energy LED strips.  They have a higher than average efficacy up to 160 lumen per watt (lm/W) and are available in a wide variety of high impact colors: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, CT Tuning, RGB, and RGB+W. With the Light Panel ONE you can control the brightness of the panel by choosing LED chips for one side, two sides or for all four sides of your panel.


Our customizable Light Panel ONE ColorWheel and Illuminate offers you powerful, modern finish options enabling maximum design flexibility

Depending on your LED strip mounting specifications you have the option of a J-Channel, Crystal or Taped finish.


J-Channel because aluminum acts as a natural heat absorbent the J-Channel finish provides maximum thermal management which extends the life of your LEDs. In addition, the J-Channel offers a more secure foundation to fixing the LED tapes, diffusion and reflection films to the light panel system.

Crystal – Yes, an embedded LED finish has “high adaptability”, however heat management is a significant concern. Embedding LEDs directly inside of the acrylic panel creates two issues:

  • A crystal finish utilizes a much smaller aluminum extrusion thus reducing the heat management that aluminum provides.
  • The space inside of the acrylic where the LEDs are mounted is limited and can easily heat up. This combination of added heat and a smaller aluminum extrusion for heat management is not as cost efficient and can shorten the life of your LEDs.


The Panel ONE Shield adds an extra level of light efficiency

The Panel ONE Shield is a scientifically formulated highly reflective thin sheet that is directly applied to the back of the acrylic panel. Once added the Panel ONE Shield will help enhance brightness by helping to evenly distribute all light . 


LUXX’s laser made dot patterns guarantee 100% even lit illumination across the entire Light Panel ONE

LUXX Light Technology is the only US based manufacturer that utilizes World Class dotting laser machines and proprietary software to create fully enhanced dot patterns. These patterns act as “channels” helping to evenly distribute the spread of light. See #6 on Illustration Panel ONE Schematic for visual reference.


Fully optimized dot pattern for maximum brightness

Our proprietary software enables us to have full targeted control over the exact pattern in regards to size, space, dot depth and shape of every Light Panel ONE.

Using our software and laser we first create an arrangement of precise dot patterns that are laser etched towards the edge of the panel closer to the led strips. As you move further from the LED light source the distance of the dot pattern gradually becomes more narrowly spaced creating an even distribution of light.


Enhanced light diffusion film (Optional)

Because LEDs tend to create “hot spots” of focused light that can detract from the visual impact of a LED light panel, we offer a special grade of thin diffusion film that is carefully engineered to diffuse LED hot spots without sacrificing light projection or illumination. 



*This product is customizable, for more information or to place an order, please use the contact form below and a representative will respond promptly.