About Us


Since 1996, LUXX LIGHT TECHNOLOGY has been a global leader in the custom engineering and manufacturing of LED lighting solutions for the Retail Display market, Commercial Refrigeration, Shelf Lighting, and unique Profile extrusions.

Company updates:

LED lighting Applications for displays, signage, commercial and industrial applications.

Light Guide Panels


LUXX LIGHT TECHNOLOGY has developed the new standard in LED edge lit panel applications for interior lighting, retail graphic displays and signage.

Display Lighting

There’s a psychology behind a customer’s perception and their buying choices. Our goal is to feature products in the most appealing way through the use of proper LED lighting. We offer solutions for retail display’s of merchandise and fresh food, trade show exhibits and more.

Commercial Refrigeration Lighting


Our exclusive LUXX-Brite Technology utilizes specially designed refractive optics that accurately focus the high-intensity light output of our Commercial Refrigeration LED lights to make display cases more visually appealing.

Commercial Lighting

We provide LED options for commercial applications including ceiling lighting for retail stores or warehouses and parking lot lighting.

Lighting Profiles

LED Lighting profiles to protect and mount your LED Lights.



LUXX LIGHT TECHNOLOGY provides only the top-quality, tested and proven, dimmable and non-dimming LED drivers.  Our 12v and 24v DC LED power supply options (dimming and non-dimming) are engineered to prolong the life of your LED lighting, while our dimmable LED drivers provide the best dimming behavior available. We also carry converters, power cords and mounting hardware, including mounting kits and individual parts.