How to use LED cooler lights

In today’s blog post around LED cooler lights, we’re going to go over the how and why LED cooler lights should and can be used. In the image above you have a cooler. Now when looking at the cooler do you see how the cooler lighting is brighter on each side of the doors but gets darker as you move into the center of the door? Well for starters that is poor light distribution, and the overall viewing experience of the products inside of the cooler is poor.

When using LED cooler lights you will gain not only better visibility but you will raise your profits! From improving the way your food items are seen to creating a more evenly lit viewing experience, LED cooler lights are your gateway to reducing costs while improving customer shopping experiences.

LED cooler light tubes have been used for many years now to replace linear fluorescents and lamps. However, our new line up of LED cooler lights is different because they are specifically designed for commercial LED cooler lighting applications.


Why should I use LED cooler lights?

So what’s different about LUXX Light Technologies LED cooler lights compared to other models on the market today? 

First and foremost, it’s the optical performance of our product. Our engineers did a great job designing the LED optics to maximize the light being placed on the merchandise inside of refrigeration. By bringing more higher quality light to the products, your customers will be able to read labels better and find what they are looking for better. 


How does an optical lense work?

The thing that makes are LED cooler lights unique is the built-in optical lens. You’ve got a strip of LEDs on the inside of the LED cooler light. There is an optical lens that covers the LEDs and directs the light out the side. So the light sprays right across the face of the products that are inside your cooler. When you look directly at the cooler, you will think, well, that’s not very bright, and you’re right but when you walk up to look at the products, the labels and images will be highly visible and readable.

Everywhere we’ve used this type of LED cooler light, we tested it against every major brand of LED and we’ve won hands down every time, not only for the brightest and the best light but also the most efficient. Because we direct the LED cooler light to make the best use the lighting being distributed, we don’t need as many high powered LED cooler lights. This reduces the total number of LED cooler lights you need to use, making it even more energy-efficient, lowers power consumption, and less heat will be distributed into the cooler. This reduction in heat will also add life to your cooler because the internal cooling components won’t have to work so hard. 


Types of LED cooler lights

When it comes to frozen food cases, you will find different types of items being displayed in each fridge; packaged meats, dairy products, and frozen foods. Because each food/item type is different, you will need a slightly different LED refrigeration light.

At LUXX, we are happy to say that we have a specially designed commercial refrigeration LED lights that cater to the different food and item types or temperature types. So from T8 LED replacement tubes to commercial LED cooler lights, we have you covered!

Another useful and new LED cooler lights that we just designed and released is our end cap design that is easy to install. It is similar to the LED tubes that are currently on the market, which use the existing sockets in place. However, one slight difference is that the commercial LED cooler lights for cases without doors we design are obtainable uncapped position light. 

Our commercial LED cooler lights can reach up to fifteen hundred lumens on ninety lumens per watt on the vertical products, and sixteen hundred lumens on ninety-four lumens per watt for the horizontal products. All of these LED cooler lights have a registered eighty-five on the coloring rendering index or CRI.

Of course, all of our LED cooler lights are available in UL Listing at type A and type C classifications.

If you have any questions or are looking for more information contact us today!