LED Signage Lighting

Behind LED signage lighting you will find LED strip lights. Because the ongoing maintenance and energy costs are limited signage makers every day are turning to LED strip lights for commercial signage. From the unsurpassed flexibility to the beautiful illumination LED signage lighting is today’s new standard for LED commercial signage lighting.


Why LED Signage lighting?

Due to the small size of LED strips and the fact that the LED chips can be easily arranged to brighten up any shape, size, and kind of architectural indoor and outdoor commercial signage. LUXX’s line of LED Signage Lighting strip lights offer a dazzling glow, are energy efficient and are rated for 50,000 hours. This means worry-free maintenance for years!

If you are new to LED signage lighting, contact us today for free expert assistance. We offer a full line of UL Listed LED signage lighting solutions that are available in an array of white temperatures up-to RGB and RGB+W.


Advantages of LED Signage Lighting

In comparison to traditional lighting LED strip light to generate direct and targeted brilliance making LED strips the perfect solution for backlighting of letters and logos.

Also, with the evolution of technology comes the reduction in LED strip lighting costs. This reduction in cost has made it easier for companies to adapt to new technology.

When comparing LED lighting for commercial signage versus fluorescent or neon tubes, you will notice a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency, longevity, safety, and lighting quality.


Energy Efficient

Neon lights create 10-60 lumens per watt. Now when your comparing LED lighting signage strips your looking at 100 lumens per watt with led lighting signage. This means you will generate significantly more light while using minimal power.



This means two things; the life period of the product and secondly what does the maintenance costs look like. For high-end LED signage lighting you are looking at an average of 50,000 hours. Based on 8 hours a day of power you could easily power your store signage for over 15 years. This means no tubes burning out or glass breaking.  It is safe to see that you will experience very little if any recurring maintenance fees.



Fluorescent and neon lights are manufactured with delicate glass, and fluorescent lights are made using a form of mercury. When exposed to mercury it is possible to experience neurological, nervous system damage, and behavioral disorders. Recently the US Environmental Protection Agency suggested the special handling should be required to minimize the exposure to components of damaged fluorescent lighting. LED signage lighting has zero glass and no mercury. In addition, the LED strips do not heat up thus reducing the chance of fire hazards.


Lighting Quality

LED signage lighting commonly recognized for its brilliance and sharp level of illumination. From a distance LED lighting is highly visible and accessible to read, even in direct sunlight or glare when it comes to customization the options or unlimited. Using a remote, you have full control of the LED signage lightings color. With LED lighting for commercial signage, you can even match Pantone colors of brand colors! This gives you full control and flexibility of the design, color, and light output.

Also LED signage lighting to generate an ultra-bright direct light that evenly distributes light across your entire sign.


Signage Lighting LED Strips

LED signage lighting strips are super slim and but to any length. Installation is easy using the 3M adhesive backing, allowing for straightforward mounting to angles, curves, channel letters, and any other surface. Also, IP waterproof and dust resistant LED strip light is available for waterproofing required environments.


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1996 LUXX has manufactured LED signage lighting components. From LED strips to premium custom LED light guide panels LUXX offers the signage industry today’s best variety of LED signage lighting. All of our products are rated for over 50,000 hours and foresee strict QC before shipping out of our warehouse in St. Francis, WI.