Everything you need to know about LED accent lighting

LED accent lighting has quickly become one of the most popular forms of LED lighting. With LED accent lights you will experience a uniformed light that delivers accurate beams of clean direct light. Colors are sharper, items are engaging, and the environment is alluring.

Because LED accent lighting is exceptionally flexible, highly energy efficient, and comes in the best variety of color temperature options LED, accent lighting can be found everywhere!


So what is LED accent lighting?

LED accent lighting is used to add special lighting effects. It is commonly used to place focus on something by directly concentrating the light on something.

To make the best of LED accent lighting, use backdrop colors contrast significantly with the items or objects that you want to highlight.

This strategy lessens the light output needed to create a robust impactful effect that you are wanting to create using LED accent lighting.


Types of LED accent lighting

Favorite forms of LED accent lighting include LED strip lights, LED neon ropes, LED rigid bars, and side-lit and edge-lit LED bars.

LED accent lighting can be broken down into two groups: atmosphere lighting and practical lighting.

Practical LED accent lighting is used in situations that require that extra notch of detailed lighting. Examples include; enlightening a work area, spotlighting a new product, or adding kitchen counter lighting.

Atmosphere LED accent lighting is used to set or enhance the mood while adding that particular layer of style to a room. It can be used to create a warm and inviting feeling to the ambiance of a room.


LED accent lighting for grabbing attention

Do you have a new product or department in your store that you want to draw attention too? Is there a specific painting that you want to showcase?

Well LED accent lighting is your solution. When using LED accent lighting, you can strategically focus the accent lights onto an item to draw attention.

This form of targeted LED accent lighting is subtle, yet crisp and eye-catching. Using RGB+W LED strip lights, you can customize the LED accent lighting color to match or cleverly compliment the item you want to place focus on. You can even time the accent lighting to change or shut off using a LED strip light controller or dimmer.


Improve experiences using LED accent lighting

Studies show that a person’s mood is directly connected to the lighting conditions that they’re in. For retail, researchers discovered that shoppers prefer and respond best to a combination of colors and shades of light. The more profound the lighting, the more person’s emotions intensify.

With LED accent lights you can create the perfect combination of lighting effects that bring out the natural colors of items while creating a visual wow factor when a person is viewing something.  


LED accent lighting application examples


Restaurant LED accent lighting

From fast casual restaurants to fine dining establishments, restaurant can use LED accent lighting to create that crisp and modern ambiance. An example; add daylight white restaurant LED accent lights in areas that feature stainless steel to create that sharp contrast in lighting.


Hotel LED accent lighting

From resorts to 5-star hotels, hospitality brands can use hotel LED accent lighting to beautiful highlight their decor, add sleek hallway path lighting, spotlight artwork, or light up your pool! When deployed hotel LED accent lighting will give your property that competitive edge while improving guest experiences.


Retail LED accent lighting

 From boutique stores to big-box chains retail LED accent lighting can be used to bring attention to new products, features services area, or specific new sections or department within your store. Retail LED accent lighting gives objects that extra push so they grab attention.


Corporate LED accent lighting

Use corporate LED accent lighting to light-up work areas, desks, and workstations. Because lighting effects mood you can use corporate LED accent lighting to improve employee satisfaction while making it easier for your staff to focus on the tasks that matter most.


How to get started with LED accent lighting

When looking to add LED accent lighting to a specific environment start with what you’re looking to accomplish.

  • Do you want to make it easier for your guests to walk through hallways?
  • Do you want customers to see new marketing posters better?
  • Do you want to improve the ambiance of a room?

Once you have your objective outlined start by identifying where the LED accent lighting can be added, no remember, if you overdo the accent lighting the environment can come across as chaotic and overwhelming.

When setting up the LED accent lights stay away from direct or reflected glare by installing the LED accent lights in ideal locations. Add controllers and dimmers to the LED accent lights so you can adjust the accent lights to fit any lighting situation, for example, evening vs. morning lighting.


Directional LED accent Lighting

LED accent lighting many times utilizing directional lighting. Examples of directional lighting include LED spotlights, LED track lighting, and LED backlighting using LED strip lights or LED sheets. Because each location is different it’s best you combine and balance the type of LED accent lights you use.

When it comes to designing and selecting the right directional LED accent lights, it’s best to work with lighting professionals. They will help you save time while eliminating potential expensive errors.


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