What is CCT?

Have you ever been in a room that had a strange feeling or tone? This was correlated color temperature (CCT). By understanding what CCT is and how it affects a room’s lighting you can begin to create environments that are well-lit and inviting.


What is correlated color temperature (CCT)?

CCT  is the hue and tone of white light. CCT is measured in Kelvin (K), similar to degrees Celsius. Temperatures on the Kelvin scale represent different colors of white.


2000K-3000k CCT

These range from orange to yellow color and are commonly called “warm white.” They reflect a cozy, calm, inviting, and intimate ambiance. Many times these colors are used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, and decorative outdoor lighting.


3100K-4500K CCT

These CCT colors range from a light yellow to natural white and are commonly called “cool white.” They generate a bright and vibrant colors. Environments that you will find these in include basements, garages, work environments, task lighting, and bathrooms.


4600K-6500K CCT

These colors are found in daytime white up to white blue and are commonly called “daylight white.”  They generate a crisp and clean color. Display areas, security lighting, task lighting, and garages are areas that commonly use these lights.


What is the best CCT light for me?

This depends on what kind of tone you’re looking to set using the lighting and what overall color you’re wanting. A warmer CCT will work well with other warm colors that are in the room and is least probable to show deficiencies. When in areas that brightness is vital a cooler white color is ideal because is appears brighter and sharp.


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