A Complete Guide to UV-C Sanitation Lighting Products

UV-C Sanitation Lighting is not a new phenomenon. Considering the times we are in UVC Sanitation lights have become the hottest and popular products thing in the LED Lighting and sanitation world. According to the International Ultra Violet Association, UV-C Sanitation Lights have been used for over 39 years to disinfect surfaces and air from harmful germs, viruses, pathogens, mold spores, and flu strains. 


How Do UV-C Sanitation Lights Work?

Also known as UVC Germicidal lights, utilizes ultra-violet lights that emit rays between 100-280 nanometers. In that range, the UV-C light is absorbed by the microorganism, killing the nucleic acids found in the microorganism’s DNA.  

For maximum effectiveness, UV-C lights should emit ultraviolet rays 254 nanometers. When at this exposure, an “instant kill” takes place within one hundred of a second, and the DNA cells found within the microorganism experience irreversible damage that cripples and kills. 


What are the benefits of UVC Lighting?

UV-C Lighting is known to kill 99.99 bacterias, viruses, mold spores, and germs. They prevent harmful microorganisms from multiplying and spreading across surface and air. 

When it comes to disinfection, it only takes minutes of the UV-C lighting exposure for the germs to be killed. UVC Sanitation lights, on average last for over 50,000 hours, are easy to install and require minimal maintenance and upkeep.


Types of UV-C Sanitation Lighting

From a commercial usage stand-point, UV-C Sanitation Lights can be used to sterilize high traffic locations from the harmful surface and airborne bacterias and viruses. Hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and conference rooms are all locations that can greatly benefit from using UVC Sanitation Lights. When it comes down to UVC lighting products, the devices need to easily installable, long-lasting, and reliable.

Let’s now look at three of the most effective forms of commercial-grade UVC Sanitation lights:


UVC Sanitation Lamps

Designed for entire room sanitation, UVC sanitation lamps kill germs and viruses in spaces up to 2,100′ square feet. The UVC Sanitation Lamps are compact units that come with wheels allowing for easy portability.


UVC LED Light Panels

Easily installable, UV-C LED Light Panels can be mounted on the ceiling of rooms for sanitation. UVC LED Light Panels operate the same as UVC Sanitation Lamps but are not portable because they are mounted in ceilings.


UVC Sanitation Boxes

When it comes to the sanitation of items, UV-C Sanitation boxes work perfectly. As the name describes, UVC Sanitation boxes are industrial-grade, portable aluminum boxes that can be used to sanitize laptops, cellphones, keys, and other objects. 



With the right combination of UVC Lighting devices, you can significantly reduce the spread of both airborne and surface germs, viruses, and bacteria. It starts with identifying high-traffic areas within your facility and outlining a plan that utilizes the best mixture of UVC Lighting Devices.