Ultimate Guide To Retail LED Lighting

Retail LED lighting is changing the retail world, but with change comes new things to learn when designing for new retail led lighting environments.


What is Retail LED lighting?

Retail LED lighting is an energy efficient alternative to traditional PAR and fluorescent lighting.  The average life span of LED lights is 50,000 hours and are available in a wide variety of Kelvin temperatures while offering some the highest in color rendering index (CRI).

A popular form of retail led lighting known as LED directional lighting offers retail stores the ability to control the angle of which light is emitted while being able to control the color brightness level, timing and more.

For retail stores that want to stay with their current retail lighting fixtures, LED retrofits are available that allow you to replace your current energy-burning incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.


Advantages of Retail LED Lighting

Traditional fluorescent and incandescent retail lighting fixtures create radiance in a restricted variety of light temperatures and color-rendering indexes, making them satisfactory for only one or two retail lighting arrangements. Because retail LED lighting can be fully customized to fit the needs of any retail store, businesses are turning to LED retail lighting to create unique yet visually appealing stores.

From led strip lights to custom LED light guide panels you can use LEDs to create the perfect customer experiences! By selecting the right form of retail led lighting, you can dramatically improve product display areas and shelf, better separate store sections, and highlight your stores décor and layout.

From creating a warm and inviting entrance to improving the way you spotlight new products and specials LED retail lighting can be used to improve your brand’s perception significantly.

The benefits of LED strip lights are endless! Brick and mortar stores that are fighting against online e-commerce websites will see immediate savings when it comes to energy costs and a reduction in operating costs when switching to retail LED lighting. Not to mention the average retail LED light lasts 50,000 hours.


4 Principals of Effective LED Retail Lighting

The new generation of retailers recognize that stores require a minimum of four retail LED lighting configurations:

  1. Ambient lighting: this eradicates any low-lit or dark spaces in a store
  2. Task lighting: spotlights areas like check out, store’s signs, changing rooms, etc
  3. Accent lighting: places focus on specific products, shelves, or display nooks
  4. Decorative lighting: adds a welcoming, visual appeal that improves brand image


9 Tips for Best Retail LED Lighting

Take into these nine items when designing your store’s LED retail lighting arrangement.

  1. Contrast: contrast, highlight, and definition are more significant than brilliance alone
  2. Floor: add targeted accent lighting on lower shelves to lift sales
  3. Vertical: vertical lighting helps customers feel better adapted to retail spaces
  4. Build Light-in: integrate retail shelf LED lighting to upturn product prominence
  5. Accent: accent lighting increases display and shelf charm while increases product sales
  6. Don’t’ flood: shoppers favor diverse, layered light, rather than a necessary flood of light
  7. 3000K-4000K: best color temperatures for driving retail sales
  8. High CRI: go with LED lights that have a color rendering index of 85-90 for high-quality light
  9. Design with Color: add color tactically to sway sales, add cool backgrounds for extra purchases

Retail LED Lighting Experts

We work with architectural lighting designers and brands to design and create custom retail LED lighting solutions that create memorable experiences and drive sales. Because there are various vital questions about your new retail LED lighting project, you need a reliable partner who can ask the right questions and help walk you through the discovery process.

At LUXX Light Technology, our team of retail LED lighting engineers will be their every step of the way. From making sure you have the right selection of retail LED lights to designing a best-in-class LED lighting solution our products are UL Listed and comply with all electrical codes across North America.

Because we manufacture our retail LED lighting products we can easily and quickly make on the fly changes or even have a particular item made just for you! We off the industry’s best variety of Tier 1 ANSI Binned retail LED lights that are available in warm white temperatures (2000-3000K), cool white temperatures (3100K-4500K), daylight temperatures (4600K-6500K), and any RGB+W. Our most popular retail LED lighting include:


We have done nationwide retail LED deployment’s,  regional brands, and even the small retail shop that is looking to take their store to the next level with retail LED lighting.

Contact us today with your questions!