A Complete Guide to Retail LED Lighting Strategy

Retail LED lighting can be one of the most important components to in-store retail marketing and sales. However many retail stores often overlook the value that retail LED lighting can have. From how customers react to how moods are directly affected retail LED lighting plays a vital role in how your brand is perceived and how the shopper experience goes.

It’s simple. If you’re looking to have a direct impact on sales, negative or bad it worth looking at your store lighting strategy.


What really is effective retail LED lighting?

Let’s first look at 7 key components of what creates the perfect shopping experiences using LED lighting for retail stores.


  1. Contrast

Remember having a bright area isn’t always the goal. Make sure you have the proper combination of contrast in your lighting. Highlight spaces, product displays, and walls to bring out products and sections of your store.  


  1. Lower Shelf Lighting

The bottom section of product shelves are often one of the most overlooked section of product display shelving. By not bringing attention to this area you could be losing sales. Consider adding targeted LED accent lighting towards the bottom half of your shelves. This will help to bring focus and attention to products thus creating opportunities to increase sales.


  1. Vertical Lighting

Improve the overall ambiance of your retail store by adding the proper combination of vertical LED lighting. By adding vertical lighting you can help shoppers feel better adapted to the retail space and layout of your store.


  1. Integrated LED Shelf Lighting

All too often retail displays and sheld do not have proper lighting. If the text or prices of the product are not clearly visible shoppers can easily walk right past the item they are looking for. By adding retail LED shelf lighting you can bring out products visibility thus making it easier for shoppers to find products while improving your odds of more sales.


  1. LED Accent Lighting

LED accent lights can add the final touch or that needed visual appeal to make your products or display pop. With LED accent lighting you can effectively highlight new products and sales.  


  1. Color Rendering Index

Also known as CRI, the color rendering index is how the light source represents daylight on a scale of 1-100, with 100 characterizing daylight. 80-100 CRI retail LED lights have the best lighting effects in retail environments. Colors stand out and the textures of products are visible.


  1. Retail LED Lighting Color Temperatures

Retail lighting color temperatures are one of the most important components in creating the perfect experience. From using retail color temperatures to drive emotional connections to products or to generate a nice and inviting environment, color temperatures for retail lighting are one of the most important aspects of retail LED lighting.

For general retail lighting color temperatures, 3000K-4000K temperatures will work for overall store lighting. When it comes to retail LED display backlighting you can go with 5000K-5500K to create a crisp and cool white that will help to bring out the natural colors of the products. If your looking to create a more relaxed and laid back feeling go with a 3500K temperature to create a soft white color.

Best of all, with retail LED lighting you can add a controller that can be used to adjust the retail LED lighting colors. This will allow you to test out the lighting and see how your customer reacts to the colors.


How To Create Your Retail LED LIghting Strategy

A successful retail LED lighting strategy consists of the 7 items listed above. From using the proper color temperatures to set the mood to adding retail LED shelf lighting you will need to carefully look at your store layout and identify what exactly you’re looking to accomplish. Based on your goals you can then begin to design and implement your retail LED lighting.


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1996, LUXX has designed and manufactured retail LED lighting. From eco-engineered LED lighting design to ultra bright fully controllable retail LED lights, LUXX offers complete retail LED lighting design and technical support. We take a problem-solving approach towards retail lighting design that revolves around your objectives and goals.

While designing your retail LED lighting solution we look at how the LED lighting can increase your sales, enhance your customer experiences, reduce maintenance costs, while improving the overall efficiency of your business.