As eCommerce has taken off, retailers of all sizes are looking for new ways to stay competitive and alive. One approach retailers are taking is creating unique shopping experiences that are personalized and memorable.
Retailers are using digital signage in their stores to provide more information about products, promotions, and upcoming events. For example, some retailers use digital signage to provide information on the product right in front of you. This can be done by displaying educational product videos that build value around the product. In addition, a new and exciting product that is becoming more and more popular is retail shelf displays.
What are retail shelf displays?
To put it simply, a retail electronic shelf display is precisely what the name implies. It is a little digital display that fits snugly against the edge of retail shelves. Pricing, descriptions, and other product information are displayed digitally on the screen. Additionally, they are referred to as edge shelf displays, shelf screens, eShelf displays, or just shelf displays.
Historically, retail electronic shelf-edge displays have been limited to basic display configurations. They enable the display of text, numbers, and black-and-white graphics. These retail digital signage displays are referred to as electronic shelf labels (or ePaper tags, e-ink displayssimilar to the technology used by Amazon Kindle) and graphic price tags (LCD or color e-ink displays).
Designed especially for retail shelves
Electronic shelf displays have evolved into a new generation of display kinds as screen technologies have advanced. There are LCD-based displays that come in various sizes to fit the appropriate shelf and in a variety of brightness levels to match the venue’s lighting, such as our eShelf series that come in three brightness levels. These revolutionary retail stretch-edge displays elevate in-store pricing to a new level. This new technology enables the playing of any video, image, text, digital price labels, and other forms of media.
Attractive and effective
Stretch-edge displays can display full HD films, animations, advertising, photos, and other media. This elevates the standard text-only digital pricing labels to a new degree of sophistication. The units can be easily mounted to any retail shelf and the internet via WiFi. Once installed, retailers can remotely create, edit, and manage the content being displayed on the retail display screens, locally, regionally, nationally or globally.
Updates to auto pricing
Frequently, shops utilize pricing software to handle their products, descriptions, pricing, and inventory. By integrating your POS with the retail shelf displays, you will be able to accurately display product prices and information without ever updating your retail pricing labels again.
What is retail digital signage?
The use of digital signage in retail stores has grown over time as retailers have realized its benefits. They can now use it to help customers find items they want faster and easier, while also offering them new information that they might not know about before coming into the store.
There are many ways digital signage can be implemented in a store. One way is by showing product information on the shelves. Another way is by displaying advertisements or promotions on screens throughout the store, such as at the cashier counter, near the entrance, or checkout areas.
Digital signage also has applications outside of retail stores; for example, it can display messages about sales and upcoming events in office buildings and other public places. We must consider three things when implementing digital signage: content management system (CMS), hardware, and software.
When taking the proper steps to create immersive and engaging experiences using retail digital signage, you will set yourself apart from the competition while streamlining how you reach and communicate with your customers.
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