Restaurant LED Lighting

Restaurant LED Lighting is one of the most critical factors on how your restaurant is immediately perceived and immediately sets the mood for dining. LED lighting for restaurants brings out your restaurant’s personality while significantly adding to the dining experience.

Using the proper combination of restaurant LED lighting you can showcase your creativity while improving your brand’s image and perception. From lighting up your dining tables to incorporating vivid accent bar lighting, restaurant LED lighting is your solution for creating a superior dining experience.


LED Strip Lights for Restaurants

The backbone of restaurant LED lighting is LED strip lights. From long life’s too significant energy savings restaurants of any size can experience the benefits of restaurant LED lighting.

LED strip lights for restaurants can be used for traditional lighting, lounge and bar lighting,  decorative lighting, dining room lighting, and kitchen lighting. Because of LED strip lighting last up to 100X longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, require minimal power and are easy to install restaurants are quickly turning to LED strip lights for restaurant lighting.


Benefits of LED lighting for restaurants

LED strips lights are flexible, bendable, dimmable and can be cut to fit any location. From being installed underneath countertops and table to behind bars LED strip lights for restaurants can be easily hidden from direct view, hidden in corner, and alcoves. Also, LED strips to generate virtually no heat, which makes them highly energy efficient and the perfect lighting for kitchens!


LED strip light colors

From adding a warm yellowish glow for dining areas to incorporating a clean and crisp light for kitchens to creating a dynamic RGB color for your bar, LED strip lights for restaurants are available in the best variety of color options. In addition controller and dimmers can be purchased to set lighting timer while having full control of the brightness of your LED strip lights for restaurants.


About LUXX Light Technology

At LUXX we manufacture both standard and custom LED strip lights for restaurants and bars. All of our products ship from St. Francis, WI and are rated for over 50,000 hours of use. In addition, all of the LED light strips for restaurants come with a 3M adhesive backing that makes for easy and quick installation.

We also provide free LED Lighting for Restaurant consultations will help you make the best out of your lighting. From what colors to use to what kind of power supplies you will need to where the lighting should be installed we will cover all the details with you! For more information contact us today or send us an email anytime: