Fifteen Things You Need to Know About LED Neon Flex Strips


Want to use LED neon flex to decorate or make signs? You want to make your home or business look better, but you need help finding the best LED neon flex. Don’t fret. Since I’ve been working with led strips and led neon for more than ten years, we’ll be happy to explain everything in detail.

LED neon flex has been rising in the past few years, which is not a secret. They highlight your unique indoor/outdoor decorating ideas or business promotions. But before choosing a specific model of LED neon flex, it’s essential to consider its features and benefits. So, to make your life easier, I’ve made a list of 15 things you should think about before buying LED neon flex. For this reason, you should read my story and find the best deal for you.


What is LED Neon Flex?

LED neon flexes use SMD LED light strips with a plastic or silicone coating to make lights that look like neon. These bulbs are great for making neon signs and other decorations that can be used inside or outside. Also, these are a better alternative to traditional neon lights because they last longer and cost less.


What to Think About Before Buying LED Neon Flex

Before you go out and buy LED neon flex, you should know a few things. So, I made a list to help you remember.



Brightness is an essential thing to think about when choosing an LED Neon Flex. And the lumen is the most common way to measure LED strips. The lumen needs to show how bright the light is. Instead, it stands for the luminous flux unit, which measures the total amount of light emitted in any direction. To put it another way, a higher Lumen number means the light source is more robust.

As the purpose of the light changes, so does the amount of light needed. So before buying an LED neon flex, you should consider how many lumens it gives off. But the 360° Round LED Neon Flex is the brightest of the LED neon flexes on the market.



The bright glow of LED neon lights is both pretty and practical when decorating your home. However, you will need a basic understanding of how colors work with LED neon lights to choose a hue for your LED neon lighting.


Several LED colors that look like neon

The options for an LED neon flex light depend on the color. The color of the LED neon flex is shown by the letters of the color name. For example, the red, green, and blue combinations are written as RGB. With an RGB code, LED neon flex uses all three colors.


How Color and Temperature Work Together (CCT)

The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) scale shows differences in how white something is, measured in Kelvin degrees (K). For this unit’s variant, the color of white changes from yellowish to blueish. To give you an example, LED neon flex has a color temperature of 3000k, which means the light will be a warm white color. But if you spend $5,000,000 on it, it will look beautiful. I’ve told you what each K value means regarding the different shades of white light.


Indices for Drawing Color (CRI)

The “Color Rendering Index,” or CRI, is a way to measure how close an artificial light source is to natural light. 100 is possible on this scale. A low CRI score makes something look cold and lifeless. This is why CRI is such an essential part of an LED. A higher CRI rating is better regarding how good the light is. Please look at the table below to determine how to give your LED neon flex a CRI rating.


The score for IP (Waterproof)

The Ingress Protection Code (IP) lets you know whether water can get into the device. When putting LED neon flex in a wet place, like a bathroom, pool area, or outside, it’s crucial to think about it. First, it means that it won’t rain on you. A better IP rating for an LED means it can handle water better.

LED neon flex is utterly waterproof because it has an IP68 rating. So if you buy IP68 PU Neon Flex or IP68 Silicon Neon Flex, you can get waterproof LED neon flex.



LED neon flex comes in both 12V and 24V versions. In other words, 12V is perfect for any setup that doesn’t need much room. And for heavy-duty use, 24V is the way to go. So before you buy LED neon flex, ensure it has the correct voltage rating for your project.


Getting energy

Popularity has increased for LED neon flex because of its low power consumption. These lights use a lot less energy than regular neon lights do.

The amount of power LED neon flex uses measured in watts per meter, foot, or reel. Therefore, it is essential to consider your LED project’s wattage requirements before purchasing high-power LED neon flex.



Before buying LED neon flex, it’s also essential to consider its size. The thickness, height, and width of the flex are its measurements. LED neon flexes are available in several different sizes. But you can change them to suit your needs.



To choose LED neon flex, the first and most crucial step is to figure out how much neon flex will be needed. Get a tape measure and figure out the size of the area where the LED neon lights will be installed. You should also figure out if the length of the LED neon flex you need is measured in feet or meters. Then, once you know what you want, place your order.



There is a wide variety of LED neon flexes to choose from. Neon signs can come in many different sizes and shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. Depending on what shape you choose, your lights will look different. Think about how you will use the LED neon flex’s shape before buying it.



There are many different ways to bend LED neon flex. You can make the bend go in any direction you want. Your LED neon flex will need the right kind of bend, though. Here, you can learn about the different types of LED neon flex and how they can be used.

Using infrared to control the temperature

LED neon flexes will only last for a short time when they get too hot. In simpler terms, heat is terrible for LEDs. So before making your final choice, check if the flexes you’re thinking about have an excellent thermal management system. This will help you avoid any surprises. With this addition, your LED neon flex will last much longer.


How True Color Is

The CRI grade shows how close the colors are to the real world. Compare the CRI score to the LEDs’ color temperature. For example, LED neon flex with a color temperature of 5000k will give off a bluish-white light. But if it starts to turn yellow, that’s a sign that it could be better.


Reasons Why You Should Use LED Neon Flex

LED neon flex is an excellent thing to use for decorating or making signs. However, if you still aren’t sure, think about the following:


Style and color differences

LED neon light flex comes in many different colors and patterns. They can be made in any shape or style you can think of. So, you can decorate uniquely, making you stand out.


Looks Good

The room looks better with LED neon flexes. These lights will take your design to the next level, whether you’re decorating an indoor or outdoor space like a living room or bathroom.



LED neon flexes that use less power save a lot of power. LED neon lights utilize only 1.2 watts per hour of energy, compared to the 20 watts per hour used by traditional neon lights. So when you use LED neon flexes, your monthly energy costs can significantly decrease.



LED neon flexes are expected to last about three times as long as regular neon tubes. They will last a lot longer because of this. You can count on them for many years.