Ultimate Source for LED Freezer Lighting

From being brighter to offering a high-quality of crisp and clear light, LED freezer lighting offer supermarkets, gas stations, and grocery stores an easier solution to upgrading the overall shopping experiences of customers. LED freezer lights are being used in: 

LED freezer lights are being used to improve the way food products are displayed. The bright and clear lighting significantly increases visibility rates on drink items, frozen and chilled foods By making it easier for shoppers to find products and read product labels, you will improve shopping experiences while creating loyal repeat shoppers! 


The final results of LED freezer lights display lighting in a uniform appeal that offers a cleaner, brighter look while enhancing the way colors are seen inside of your coolers and freezer display cases.


LED Freezer Lighting Basics

For years, fluorescent lighting was used for freezer lighting. Fluorescent T8 tubes were commonly used due to the ease of installation and replacement processes. Energy costs were high, and the overall lighting output was at most decent. 

Amidst the evolution of LED freezer lighting, a new era of freezer lighting has begun. From being energy efficient to reduce the overall costs of ownership, LED freezer lights have quickly become the go-to solution for freezer lighting. 


Advantages of LED freezer lighting

When using LED freezer lighting, studies have demonstrated to reduce energy usage levels up to 70%. This vital reduction in energy used reduces the operating costs due to the long life cycles of LED lights at an average of 50,000 hours of usage. When it comes to energy bill saving, supermarkets have seen as much as a 62% reduction in energy bills. This savings alone quickly pays for the new led freezer lights.

  • No flicker, no UV, no IR, and no noise
  • IP65 rated with built-in ventilation systems
  • High brightness performance up to 100LM/W

Because LED freezer lighting delivers consistent and bright light that is uniform, shoppers experience a better visual experience. LED freezer lights reduce glare and help to bring out the natural colors of packaging and text that are printed on the products.

Another advantage of freezer LED lighting is the reduction of emitted heat vs. traditional fluorescent lights. Because less heat is issued, the internal cooling components of freezers have to work less, thus reducing maintenance and adding to the overall life-period of the fridge. Also, keeping a consistent temperature is easier for freezers.


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1996, LUXX has been a leading LED freezer lighting manufacturer. From multi-deck cooler lighting to commercial freezer LED lighting, LUXX offers the best variety of LED freezer lights. For retro-fitting applications, we do also specially designed T8 LED Freezer Tubes that can be used to easily replace old T8 fluorescent tubes that are often found in older commercial refrigerators and coolers.

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