7 LED Accent Lighting Application Examples

LED accent lighting is used to place attention on a specific item or area. LED accent lights draw attention from the radiance illumination coming from the accent LED strip lights.

LED accent lighting is commonly used spotlight products, pieces of artwork, items and other objects. Also, LED accent lights can be used to improve wayfinding such as hallways, stairways, or lighting up a walkway.

Popular forms of LED accent lights include:


Not all LED accent lights are designed to place a significant focus on an item but instead installed to complement the overall lighting conditions of a room or bring out the natural design of room such as the woodwork, molding or other architectural features.

Let’s now look at 7 application examples of LED accent lighting…


1. LED Retail Display Accent Lightings

Use retail LED accent display lighting to create a ‘wow’ factor. Add retail LED shelf accent lighting to beautifully light up products while having the full flexibility to adjust colors as products change.

Also, LED retail accent lights can be cut to fit the exact shelf sizes, and the beams can be completed adjust to output at a specific angle.


2. Hallways, aisles, and corridors

Use LED accent lighting to improve the way individual navigate a premise. You can use LED accent lights to light up walls to generate a sense of security while making a room look larger.

For long hallways use LED accent lights to create interesting lighting combination that highlight textures, paintings, and wall decor.

LED accent lighting added to stairways and corridors improve visibility to pathways making traveling between spaces safer.


3. Conference rooms

From reading reports to giving presentations, proper lighting is required. Add accent downlights at the ceiling edge to provide supple background lighting for beam-based presentations to avoid dispersed lighting.

Incorporate dimmable LED accent lights to properly adjust brightness to avert anxiety while making adding just the right amount of needed for note taking.


4. Flexible spot and downlights

Use LED accent lighting to create asymmetrical lighting effects. When used you can direct eyes to specific items, surface, or areas within a room.

Use a lighting controller to add unique and visually stimulating lighting conditions.


5. Surface and recessed lighting

Use beam-focused LED accent lighting to add general accent lighting for rooms. This form of LED accent lighting supports up to 5 different beam angles plus comes with a special lens cover that distributes the light evenly.


6. Retail Window Accent LED Lighting

Make the most of your retail storefront windows using LED accent lights. Add eye-catching appeal, high-light contrasts, and best use the proper combination of shade and light.

Outside of night-lighting, you can use LED accent lights for daytime lighting due to the dimmable controls that LED accent lights support.

Preschedule the lighting to adjust by e time of day. This will ensure the proper color and brightness of the lightings best matches and compliments the natural lighting (morning, afternoon, evening, and night) conditions.


7. Hotel LED Accent Lighting

Use Hotel LED accent lighting to improve the ambiance, comfort and perceived impression of your property. Use hotel led accent lights to highlight the furnishing, decor, paintings, and other hotel amenities.

Add LED light strips to your pool, incorporate hallway LED lighting that complements the wallpaper colors and textures, add LED accent lights at the bar, and more!


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