All about LED lighting for Hotels

Hotel lighting directly affects how your guests perceive your property and how their experience goes. When using hotel LED lighting, you will be able to generate an environment that is inviting and comfortable. From creating the perfect stay to enhancing the look and feel of your hotel you can use hotel LED lighting to take your property to the next level.


Hotel LED Lighting

It’s everywhere. If you do a simple search on LED lighting, you will discover dozens of articles and studies that all stress the benefits of LEDs. From top-rated five-star restaurant to retail displays, organizations around the world are turning to LED lighting. Aside from offering high-quality brilliance, LED lighting for hotels can be customized with dimmers and other automation capabilities.

Also LED hotel lighting uses minimal energy, which equates to long-time savings and minimal maintenance when compared to traditional forms of hotel lighting. LED strip lights are radiant, flexible, and can be customized to fit any hotel environment; lobbies, on-premise restaurants, conference, and expo rooms, swimming and workout rooms, and more! Let now look at several application examples of LED hotel lighting.


Lobbies, hallways, and rooms


LED strip lights are the perfect lighting solution for lighting up walls, ceilings, and ledges. Using LED strips and cove lighting profiles you can cleanly illuminate public areas. LED cove lighting can be cut and customized to fit the inside of room and hallways perfectly. In addition, the LED light strips can range in colors from a warm white that is charming to a crisp daylight white that is vivid.

Bar and restaurant

LED strip lights offer gorgeous lighting options that are can be used for dining areas, barbacks, and underneath counters. Because LED strip lights can be installed in hard to reach alcoves and concealed in corners, you can use LED strips to properly lite-up your hotel’s restaurant.

If you need colored lighting RGB LED strips can be installed, and the color can be customized to match your interior decor and Pantone colors. You can also use a dimmer to pre-schedule the lighting to adjust by the time of day.


Pool and Sauna

Have you ever seen a pool that had excellent lighting! Odds are they used IP68 LED strip lights. These are sub-manageable LED strip lights that are waterproof. Due to the flexibility, superior illumination, and longevity IP68 LED strips are the perfect hotel LED lighting solution to create a memorable swim!


Benefits of Hotel LED lighting



Because the LED strip can be used for any lighting design and layout, they’ve quickly become the industry standard for led hotel lights. Due to their small size, the ability to install LED strip lights in your hotel are unlimited. You can get as creative as you want or to only upgrade your current hotel lighting strategy.

Many luxury and boutique hotels are turning to LED hotel lights due to the contemporary design options the LED strip lights enable. In addition, hotel LED strip lights to come with a 3M adhesive backing making installation easy and fast!

Color Options

When using LED hotel lights, you have total control over color. To be precise, using a LED lighting controller you transform a spaces color from a warm welcoming yellow to crisp and modern lighting within seconds. This flexibility and easy adjusting allow the hotel to make on the fly change to lighting while being able to create the perfect mood.

For color changing an RGB+W LED strip light allows you to change the lighting from a daylight white to a vibrant red without experiencing any blue hues that are often seen when using an RGB strip light.

Energy Savings and Long Life

Because your hotel has many rooms, hallways, and lobbies that all require steady 24/7 lighting operating costs and the life of your lighting is critical. Hotel LED strip lights use 85% less power than traditional incandescent lighting.

This adds up to an average of 18% less electricity. These saving quickly add-up to improve your bottom line. Aside from the energy saving, hotel LED lights to last on average 50,000 hours, At 24/7 usage that’s 5 years of life and at 12 hours a day that 10 years of usage.

Not to mention you won’t ever have to change a light bulb for at least 5 years!


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1996 LUXX Light Technology has manufactured both custom and standard LED lighting products. Our products are UL Listed and ship our of St. Francis, WI warehouse.

If you’re new to hotel LED lighting contact us to receive a free LED lighting consultation. From identifying the best-LED light to use to design a custom hotel LED lighting solution our team will work with you every step of the way to create the perfect LED lighting solution for your hotel!