5 Advantages To Using LED Lighting for Hotels

LED lighting for hotels has become the go-to choice for hotel illumination. From reducing energy bills to lasting longer hotel LED lighting is the ideal choice for properties looking to improve their bottom line while enhancing their guest’s experiences. Let’s now look at 5 reasons why hotels are turning to LED lighting.

  1. Save Money

Because LED lighting lasts on average 50,000 hours, hotels won’t have to buy and replace light bulbs as frequently when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. Yes, hotel LED lighting will cost you initially more but when you look at the overall longer life period you will easily be able to recoup the return on investment. LED lighting for hotels utilizes only ⅔ energy when compared to incandescent lighting. Now when you have 50+ rooms that all need lighting this reduction on energy used adds up fast.


  1. Lighting Design Options

Because LEDs are small, properties can add LED lighting for hotels for accent lighting or areas that are harder to reach such as ceilings. From adding cool lighting effects to hallways or creating warm and inviting environments, LED lighting for hotels can be used to set the tone for your property.


  1. Color Temperature Options

When LED lighting first came out a limited variety of color temperatures were available. With the advancement in LED technologies have come the depth and variety of color. Now LED lighting for hotels can be used to create virtually any color and you can even preschedule the LED lighting to adjust by the time of the day. For example, during day times you can schedule the hotel lobbies lighting to emit a bright daylight white, as the evening approaches the hotels LED lighting for the lobby can be scheduled to adjust to a cool bluish white.


  1. Exterior Lighting

Aside from interior lighting, hotels can use LEDs for outside property lighting. You can add LED lighting to pathways to avoid tripping or add outside LED accent lights to your hotel’s entrance to see the mood for an immersive welcoming.


  1. Amenities Areas

When working with a lighting designer you can utilize LED lighting to create an atmosphere that stands out and improves your guest’s experience. The applications are endless. You can also add LEDs to your pool to create a unique and fun swimming experience, integrate LEDs in your bars backsplash, or even your restaurant.  


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1993 LUXX has custom designed and manufactured commercial LED light lighting solutions. If you’re looking to redesign your hotel’s lighting strategy give us a call! We take a consultative approach towards lighting design with an emphasis on solving problems  using creative LED lighting design.