The Definitive Guide To Retail LED Lighting

One of the most important aspects of driving retail sales is your customer shopping experience. Part of this experience starts with visibility, and that how retail LED lighting comes in play. From being able to easily locate the store to how your product shelf is illuminated retail LED lighting plays a vital role in delivering well-lit lighting that is clear, crisp and controllable.

Let’s now look and how you can use retail LED lighting to create the perfect shopping experience.


Exterior Retail LED Lighting

Linear LED lighting, especially in conjunction with geometric shapes, ensures a high recognition value.

That’s why it’s the ideal choice for logo design. In contrast to illuminated objects, a good logo can already be recognized by its shape. The store name in the image above demonstrates this very evident: Due to the obligatory all-around led lighting of the store’s name sign we can easily view the name from a distance.


Entrance Area LED Lighting

When it comes to a retail store entrance you must create a warm and inviting feeling. Optimally LED-lit retail stores do just this, it invites you to enter. Also, the lighting provides a good overview of the existing range from the outside. This usage of entrance area retail LED lighting starts creates an immediate positive viewing experience for your customer from the start.


Instore Retail LED Lighting

For instore retail LED lighting, LED light guide panels can be used to produce a stable level of brightness with little effort. The result is impressive: despite the required necessary brightness, the individual products and areas are subject to general lighting and are particularly effective.

The image above nicely exemplifies how using retail LED lighting you can beautifully high-light your product selections in a manner that is eye-catching. This use of retail LED lighting makes the products more accessible while making it easier for your customers to clearly see and browse through the product selection.

Another great form of retail LED lighting is accent lighting. LED accent lighting can be used to highlight products, bring out specific departments, and more.


Retail LED Shelf Lighting

Dark shelves are rarely inviting. Illuminate deep shelves from behind and prevent poorly lit sales areas, which they can only adequately cover due to their depth with recessed spotlights. By using retail LED display lighting you can properly highlight your products while ensuring that all of your products are visible.

Another great way to make pricing tags easier to read and visible is using LED pricing tags. These are specially designed retail LED shelf tags that light up prices, product information, logos, and product details. In addition, the retail LED lighting shots a ray 30° down to a lower shelf compartment, providing an evenly spread light for a shelf up to 24 in (500 mm) high and 24 in (500 mm) deep.


About LUXX Light Technology

Since 1996, LUXX has designed and manufactured retail LED lighting. From eco-engineered LED lighting design to ultra bright fully controllable retail LED lights, LUXX offers complete retail LED lighting design and technical support. We take a problem-solving approach towards retail lighting design that revolves around your objectives and goals.

While designing your retail LED lighting solution we look at how the LED lighting can increase your sales, enhance your customer experiences, reduce maintenance costs, while improving the overall efficiency of your business.


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