Full Spectrum LED Lights: Is It Worth the Mega-Hype?

Aside from the term “human-centric lighting” and “blue free lighting“, full spectrum LED lighting has become one of the newest and most popular trends in LED lighting. So what is full spectrum LED lighting?

Well, from what manufactures and studies claim, full spectrum LED lights:

  • Resemble natural daylight
  • Renders the ‘real colors’ of items
  • Diminishes eyestrain, glare, and fatigue
  • Highlights the natural details and colors
  • Improves work environments
  • Brings in the natural light to interior spaces
  • Increase retail product sales



The advertised benefits of full spectrum LED lights


In all honesty, the majority of full spectrum LED lighting claims come from the marketing departments of manufacturers. No actual studies have been performed that can link many of the claims to actual facts.

In reality, the lighting experience that you will encounter from full spectrum LED  lighting is truly similar to viewing natural daylight. When you properly design and deploy full spectrum LED lights you can properly highlight the natural colors of a space or product while bringing a more natural illumination to a room.

An Introduction to full spectrum led lights


From a product specification, standpoint full spectrum LED lighting are LED lights with a color temperature rating of 5000K or more. Because the lighting that is emitted from full-spectrum LED lights you will experience a more natural, ‘real-life’ viewing experience. This brings a multitude of benefits to the area/product.

Full-spectrum LED lights are very good for:


And now the details…


Fresh food LED lighting


Full-spectrum LED lighting brings all colors to the same glance as natural sunlight. Some sources also say lights with CRI rating of 90+ can be described as full-spectrum LED lighting. But in reality, it is not the same.

The CRI index compares light with the “original” defined light source (incandescent bulbs, halogen light), but does not look/compare on a similar-to-sunlight light spectrum. However, with full-spectrum LED lighting, they come very close to the natural sunlight light spectrum.

In the diagram above you will see a light comparison of LED light vs sunlight. With traditional LED lights you achieve a peak mixture of red, green, and green light that appears white light. With sunlight, the light spectrum features a linear curve of light distribution. In the world of LED lighting, we call this full-spectrum LED lighting. This form of LED lighting is used to properly highlight and bring out the true natural colors of clothes, fresh food, and other products.


Mental health effects of full-spectrum LED lighting


Have you noticed that the average person prefers natural sunlight from windows as opposed to artificial lighting? This is because natural daylight aids in improving moods, feelings, and the overall attitude of a person.

Since full-spectrum LED lights generates a bright bluish-white light that organically resembles daylight people immediately associate the color with daylight. This sub-conscious connection to the natural daylight generates the same positive effects of natural daylight.

For individuals that suffer from seasonal affective disorder, doctors recommend ‘full-spectrum light therapy’. This treatment typically lasts 30-minutes and submits the individual to direct exposure to 10,000 lux. This form of therapy has a direct impact on improving the moods and depression levels of individuals. Full-spectrum LED lights with 5000K or more meet the same standard of full light therapy.

Disadvantages of full-spectrum LED lighting


As in certain areas you want to highlight products, light is used to make the products look fresher or more appetizing. You can also say, to fake the appearance of the products. So their specific light is used to enhance the appearance:

  • Meat (slightly pinkish white)
  • Bread (very warm light, slightly amber)
  • Fish (very cold, already blueish)

So for these applications, full-spectrum LED lighting would not apply.

Alternatives to full-spectrum LED lights


If you’re not looking to use full-spectrum LED’s but are still wanting the benefits checkout Incandescent bulbs coated with neodymium. These bulbs do not feature a 5000K color temperature but still generate the same natural daylight appearance. Incandescent bulbs coated with neodymium filters out the yellowish glow that is common with traditional incandescent light bulbs.


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