To What Extent Is SMD LED Strips Superior to COB LED Strips?


LEDs can be helpful in a lot of different ways. First, they do what they are meant to do well and last a long time. Since then, these LEDs have become common in almost every part of modern life. Then, we divide the LEDs into two different groups. There are both COB and SMD. This part is called a “Chip on Board,” which is short for “COB.” Also, this is sometimes called a “Surface Mounted Device.”


Here, we’ll talk in-depth about both of these things:

  1. We’ll talk about how both of these LEDs work.
  2. We will talk in detail about both how they are made and how they are made.
  3. We will compare their roles.


What does COB LED Strip mean?


This is one of the new things that LED technology has made possible. It has a few advantages over other types of LEDs.

For COB LED strips to work, the LED chips must be set up in a certain way. Therefore, there are a lot of chips in this bag. It also sits on a base made of silicon carbide. This means that we now have an LED chip that is bright everywhere. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for movies. It’s also a great tool for photographers.

COB chips have at least nine diodes. The number of diodes used does not affect how the contacts and circuit work. In reality, there is always only one circuit and two connections. Large chips, which can be up to 250 lumens, let the output go up. So, how the circuit is laid out also affects how a panel looks. For example, they are useless in color-changing lamps. This is because this LED only needs one circuit to be powered.


Knowledge of the basics of COB technology:


Of course, the lights themselves would be the most important part of a COB LED lighting system. As the term “Chip On Board,” or “COB,” suggests, the idea is that each device is made up of many LED chips. The chips are put next to each other on a board made of metal or ceramic. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a type of semiconductor that give off light.

People have thought that the amount quality and battery life are opposites. If the light goes up, the battery will last less. Thanks to COB technology, this is no longer the case. High-brightness COB LEDs only need a small amount of power to work.


What is an SMD LED, in other words?


Cost-effective in terms of the amount of energy used:

To sum up, COB lights make our energy use more efficient. The yield rate of the COB LED is very high. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for meeting lighting performance requirements.

On the other hand, these LEDs use much less energy than regular bulbs. Their performance is better than that of incandescent filament bulbs. People now choose them over traditional light bulbs because of this.

Regarding SMD and COB, the energy used is based on how many lumens are used. As the number of lumens of a light source goes up, its efficiency goes up. Therefore, COB is better at what it does than SMD.


Colors with different tones:


Now we’ll look at the color’s hue and temperature. The SMD is better than the COB in this way. Because of SMD, we can choose from a broader range of colors. In addition, SMD lets you change the color temperature in more ways.

SMD uses the RGB color model. This model has three primary colors. We can make almost any color on the screen by putting these three together. SMD makes it easier to achieve any color. Besides their other benefits, SMD LEDs also let you change the temperature.

COB LED, on the other hand, doesn’t have this feature. You can’t change the color or how much it stands out. Because of how it is made, it can only give off one color. But some good can come out of this. It gives off a single light color, so the amount of light is always the same.


Superior illumination:


The light that comes from these two methods is different. But, most importantly, it’s because they’re built in such a unique way. The SMD and the COB have other numbers of diodes. These diodes change how bright the light is and how far it goes.

Because of the SMD technology, the light is bright and glaring. This bulb works best when it is pointed in a particular way. Because the light made is a combination of the light from several different sources.

Because of COB technology, the light will be even and won’t cause glare. The COB gives off a beam of light. This beam of light can be changed quickly and is the same throughout. It is better because it has a broader beam angle. So, “surface light” is the best way to describe it.


Production Expenses:


We know that COB and SMD are used in many different products. The prices of these things vary. The answer depends on how much the materials and work cost.

The production cost is more excellent for SMD. We look at the expense of labor, raw materials, and the finished product, among other things. This comparison shows that the SMD is more expensive than the COB. This is because SMD adds 15% to the cost of the materials. We also save 10% on raw materials because of the COB. Evidence shows that using the second method will save 5 percent on costs. Keep in mind, though, that these are just rough estimates. The truth remains, nevertheless, that SMD is more costly than COB.




LED lights are more robust than regular light bulbs. These more modern bulbs have taken the place of filament bulbs. But there is a big difference in how bright COBs and SMDs are. The different sizes of the slits also play a role.

COB can give off at least 80 lumens per watt. And the range of lm/w for SMD lights is between 50 and 100. So, COB bulbs are the brightest and best choice you have right now.


Process of Making a Product:


There is a distinction in how these two LEDs are made. Both insulating glue and conductive glue are used for surface-mount devices. These adhesives are used to secure the chips to the boards. After the pad is prepared, the chips can be affixed to it. Welding gives it a permanent hold. The lamp holder includes this cushion. The next step is a test of your abilities. This check will make sure that everything goes swimmingly. Finally, we apply an epoxy resin coating after completing the performance evaluation.

The chips for a COB system are soldered straight onto the board. Additionally, it is covered with epoxy resin and put through a performance test.

Numerous industries can benefit from COB technology. However, they would be more useful in the industrial and security realms. COB lights are well-suited for these applications due to their brilliant beam and high intensity. It’s essential to weigh your options before settling on a specific technology.


In terms of brightness and quality, which LED is the best?

There are three criteria to consider while choosing the best LED. And they are as follows:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Conserving energy Brightness



To begin, consider that LED lamps save money over time. In addition, they are preferred because of their increased durability, efficiency, and luminosity. Also, the former is the more economical option when comparing COB with SMD LEDs.


Saving Energy:

It’s been established repeatedly that LED lights are the most energy-efficient bulbs available. This depends on the lumens chosen between the two. More energy can be saved when more lumens are used.




The first thing that comes to mind when discussing lights is their intensity. In terms of luminosity, the COB LED is superior. Unlike SMD LED, it operates at a higher brightness, which is why it’s so effective.

Compare and contrast chip-on-board (COB) LED and surface-mount device (SMD) LED.

The key differences between these two technologies have been highlighted. Yet, they share the fact that they both use LED technology. Moreover, they share a lot of characteristics in common. Let’s take a quick look at some of the parallels:

Many diodes can be found on the chips used in each of these technologies.

Both of these technologies use chips with two connections and a single circuit.

As a result, both are brighter and more efficient but to different degrees.

The LED light source is shared between the two.

These LEDs have similar designs in that they are both straightforward and durable.



In terms of lighting and displays, LED technology is unrivaled. The longevity, efficiency, and luminosity of these options are superior. Because of this, LED bulbs should be your first choice. But COB LED is unique in many ways. However, this depends on the context in which the LED is being examined.