A Total Guide to LED Display Lighting – Retail LED Display Lighting

LED display lighting plays a critical role in attracting customers towards a product while improving the way a brand is perceived. LED Rigid Bars, LED Strip Lights, and LED Panel Lighting are the three most common product type of LED display lighting.

From adding that extra burst of color to highlighting a new product use retail LED display lighting to extend customer store visits to make sure all elements of your store are adequately lit.


Benefits of Retail LED Display Lighting

In retail, it is imperative that all items and your shelves, from top to bottom are entirely illuminated. Using LED display lighting, you can evenly light-up a shelf or cabinet with detailed accuracy, add layers of controllable ultra-bright light, and eradicate dark or gloomy spots.

Using LED display lighting you have full control of the light output, color, and direction. If used correctly, retail LED display lighting will dramatically improve they way your products are recognized while being able to create the perfect shopping ambiance.

Studies indicate that stores that use a full-spectrum lighting strategy experience a boost in sales. Through the using a creative and well-positioned mixture of LED color changing lights and LED display lighting stores were able to increase customer traffic.

Because their retail displays were visible shopper would spend more time in the store and be more likely purchase more products through improvement in display lighting using LED lights to add to the overall perception of the store and brand.


The Logic Behind LED Display Lighting

So why and how does colored LED display lights to equate to an improvement in sales? The first reason is simple. Colorful lights grab attention both consciously and subconsciously. When adding RGB LED display lights to a shelf or product you will capture the attention of passing by customers.

Secondly, colors affect the mood. The better yours feel, the better they will spend money and or purchase more items.  By implementing a well-though our LED display lighting strategy that incorporates the right color temperature, you will be to create the perfect shopping ambiance.


Retailers and LED Display Lighting

LED display lighting evens the playing field. If used correctly retail LED display lighting gives stores a competitive edge while improving a stores bottom line through reduced maintenance and energy savings. LED display lights require less energy to operate while still being able to output the same brilliance as incandescent lights.

The average retail LED display light lasts 50,000 hours. If you go with an RGB+W LED Strip Light, you can change the LED display lighting color at a moments notice. This flexibility and long life give retailers total control without having to purchase additional LED display lights.

Retailers can use LED display lighting to match new products or adjust LED display lighting to match seasons or holidays. The opportunities with retail LED lightings are endless!


Types of LED Display Lighting


LED Rigid Bars

LED Rigid bars are the perfect solution for retail lighting fixtures! These are small form LED bars that can be added to new fixtures or existing designs. This form of LED display lighting comes with specially designed linear LEDs that are set on rigid metal or aluminum.

The LEDs are specially engineered to distribute an even output of radiance without shadows or hot spots. The ultra-bright lighting is bright, crisp and sharp taking poor lit products to the next level by beautifully bringing out the true natural colors of a product or item.


LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights are another excellent option for LED display lighting. LED strip lights are easy to install and come with the best in color-changing technologies. LED strip lights can be cut to any length and can be mounted to any surface.


LED Panel Lighting

LED Panel Lighting is the perfect solution for retail LED backlighting. LED panel lighting is fully adjustable when it comes to color. From daylight white to any color RGB you can use LED panel lighting to light up an entire surface or backdrop evenly. LED panels are edge lit and smoothly distribute lighting evenly across the entire panel.

Because LED panel lighting utilizes LED strip lights the average life is 50,000 and are energy efficient. LED light panels are commonly used in retail pop displays, jewelry cases, retail endcap displays, trade show exhibits, and store within a store application.


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