Ultimate Guide to Fresh Food LED Lighting

Learn how to offer the best variety of fresh foods while minimizing waste using fresh food LED lighting. Sunlike Light fresh food LED lighting is the ideal recipe for creating a delightful presentation while lengthening the shelf life of your fresh foods.


Benefits & Advantages


  • Draws Attention: products are correctly lit-up and easier to see
  • Visually Appealing: produce appears vibrant and food colors stand-out
  • Save Money: reduction in maintenance, operating and energy costs
  • Improve Ambiances: create a better sense of space and enhance the quality of a setting


Create Appeal


The fresher your food looks, the more enticing it is. Because LEDs have high levels of CRI (color rendering index), LEDs pull out the natural colors and textures, creating irresistible allure.

    • Create the perfect shopping ambiance
    • Properly highlight product and fruit selections
    • The produce looks greener, and fruits appear fresher


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


A well-lit produce area that features high CRI LEDs adds the required visual freshness needed to create a crisp and clean impression. 

Sunlike Light LEDs best resemble natural sunlight and highlight the natural details and colors, allowing your produce to look fresh and irresistible.


No Meat Discoloration


Bacteria cells are delicate complexes that absorb light. When they absorb the blue LEDs, the cells die, thus keeping meat redder for longer! Blue LED also kills harmful pathogens that are often found in colder temperatures and acidic conditions.


Red & Pink Meats

Slightly Pinkish White, CRI >90 LEDs


Boosts meat sales while giving your customers one more reason to keep shopping at your store! Our special pink meat LED lights have been engineered to enrichen the redness while slowing down discoloration. For white meats, we offer fresh white LEDs that highlight the white and natural colors of pork, poultry, and cold cuts.


Seafood LED Lighting

Deep Blue 10000K, CRI 80 LEDs


By using specially manufactured, fresh fish LED lighting; you will significantly increase fish sales! For seafood LED lighting, we recommend going with higher color temperatures to bring out the natural colors of your seafood vibrantly. Use specific LED lighting to stimulate the fresh out of sea look! Our fresh fish and seafood LED lights are using specially designed high CCT LEDs that bring out seafood natural shimmering colors.

For baked fish, we recommend Warm White 3000K, CRI >95 LEDs.


Bakery LED Lighting

Warm White 2700K, CRI >95 LEDs


Use our specially designed amber + white LED lighting combinations that significantly add to that freshly baked look, making the bread look delicious and difficult to pass on!


Cheese LED Lighting

Warm White 3000K, CRI >95 LEDs


When cheeses receive too much light, the fat starts to oxidize. This first modifies the appearance, then starts to affect taste. 

Use our 3000K LEDs to improve the life of your cheese while high-lighting the natural colors of your cheese!