Light Panel ONE Colorwheel

Light Panel ONE Colorwheel is customizable. (RGB, RGB+W, RGB+A and Monochrome colors).

Light Panel ONE ColorWheel (custom RGB, RGB+W, RGB+A and Monochrome colors)

Electrify, astonish, and create brilliance. The Light Panel ONE ColorWheel is a comprehensive line of customizable RGB, RGB+W, RGB+A and Monochrome color LED Light Panels. The ColorWheel’s state-of-the-art technology offers unlimited design options, vivid color variations, and a consistently brighter ubiquity.  When used properly the ColorWheel will dramatically strengthen the impact of your visual communications strategy while reducing energy consumption levels.


  • Full Spectrum – available in low-powered RGB, RGB+W, RGB+A, or Monochrome color LEDs
  • Adaptable –  from ovals to square shapes up to 47” W x 118” L x .22” – .47” D
  • Easy Control – match any desired Pantone color for maximum versatility
  • Heat Sink – contains an integrated thermal management for 100,000 hours LED life
  • Curtain of Light – guaranteed 100% even lit lighting uniformity
  • Manufactured in America – using Italian imported lasers for cutting and engraving




*This product is customizable, for more information or to place an order, please use the contact form below and a representative will respond promptly.