6 Key Benefits of LED Refrigeration Lighting – LED Refrigerator Lighting

LED refrigeration lighting is  commercial grade, energy efficient, while offering businesses significant savings on energy and operating costs. 

LED refrigeration lighting is  commercial grade, energy efficient, while offering businesses significant savings on energy and operating costs. LUXX’s LED refrigeration lighting are made using specially designed optics that perfectly focuses a high concentration of light output that is evenly spread. Click here to learn more about LED fresh food lighting.

This advanced LED refrigeration lighting technology provides sharp and lively light that produces eye-catching refrigeration and food freezers. Download LED refrigeration lighting catalog here.


  1. Eco Friendly

Refrigeration LED Lights use 70% less energy than traditional fluorescent refrigeration lighting, have zero hazardous constituents like mercury, and on average last between 50,000 – 75,000 hours. Because LED refrigeration lights are highly efficient, it will take a long time for them to end up in landfills, and when they do you won’t experience expensive disposal charges, or leak damaging substances to the environment.

  1. Minimum Energy Used

Even when creating the identical volume of light as traditional refrigeration lights, LED refrigeration lights use significantly less amounts of energy. The average supermarket sees a reduction in 38% in total energy operating costs a year. Now imagine if you have a a group or chain of stores, this could save you hundred’s of thousands of dollars a year.

Additionally, LED refrigeration lighting release less heat compared to customary refrigeration lighting. This reduction in heat lessens the strain on the refrigeration’s cooling system thus adding extending the life of your refrigerators, freezers, and coolers.


  1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Because LED refrigeration lights last longer and don’t dye immediately you can experience LED refrigeration lighting to preserve 70% of their initial lumen yield after 50,000 hours of usage. Due to this your refrigerators will never have fully marked out lights.


  1. Easy Setting up

LUXX’s LED refrigeration lights are engineered for plug and play use. This means you can use your current refrigeration lighting fixtures and won’t have to spend money on new electrical wiring. The installation is fast and doesn’t require expensive contractors. Within day’s you will be able to quickly upgrade your refrigerator lighting with LED!

  1. Improves Product Look

LED refrigerator lights are bright and display a totally even curtain of light. This enhancement in lighting makes your products stand out and make the viewing experience easier. By adding to your customer shopping experience you will create re-peat loyal customers!

LUXX refrigeration LED lights comes with a special lenses that diffuses the light from the LED diodes. This eradicates shadowy spots or reflections that can take away from food’s look. In addition, LED Fresh Food Lights feature high color rendering index (CRI) of typically 90+. This high index significantly improves the way fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, and bread visually look.

  1. Faster ROI

When you add up the saving in energy, reduction in maintenance fees, decrease in HVAC and refrigeration cooling stress, the majority of stores that deploy LED refrigeration lights can recover their initial investment within two years. After this, your saving every year. In addition, your customers experience will improve due to the improved store lighting while sales boost due to repeat and new customer purchase’s.

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