How to Set Up the Proper Retail LED Lighting

Retail LED lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of retail stores and significantly your revenue. When set up correctly, retail LED lighting will adequately light up your space, making it visible while drawing attention to particular products or areas of your store. An excellent retail store will design and deploy a retail lighting plan that incorporates multiple types of lighting, fixtures, and color temperatures to control brightness and tone.

Why is retail lighting in a store so important?

When you open a store, lighting is one of the essential parts of your strategy for selling things. Effective retail LED lighting will make your store well-lit and easy to move around. It will also help your displays stand out by spotlighting certain items. It can change how people shop and how they feel about your business, among other things.

Here are some of the reasons why your business needs lights:

  • Helps customers find important parts of your store: Customers will be drawn to your displays and products if they are well lit and want to interact with them.
  • Sets the mood: The lighting you choose will affect the atmosphere of your store, which can also affect how customers feel.
  • Provides a background for any shopping trip: Having good lighting is the foundation of your store. Without good lighting, no one will be able to see anything in your store, and any other way of merchandising will be useless.
  • Brings people in: A well-lit room makes it feel like people are welcome to come in and look around.
  • How long do customers want to shop: A big part of keeping people interested in making sure they can see well and that the lighting encourages them to look around.

Retail Accent Lighting

Retail LED accent lighting draws attention to particular products or critical areas and shows how important they are. LED Accent lighting helps customers find essential products or areas by making them stand out or stand out more.

The first step in figuring out how you want to use accent lighting is figuring out your key items. This could be your newest items for stores that sell things quickly or your best-selling items from the past year. In either case, giving your most essential products a visual boost with accent lighting will help to get people interested in them.

When you know what you want to draw attention to with accent lighting, you can decide what kind of retail accent lighting will work best in your space. For example, wall sconces or track lighting might be best for stores with less floor space. Places with more room can use a lit shelving wall to make a statement. Accent lights, retail LED display lighting, picture lights, track or recessed lights, and LED lighting inside cabinets are other common types of accent lighting.

Retail Task Lighting

Retail task lighting is used to get the right light for a specific job or task. This includes lighting up the cash register, where people will buy and sell things, the fitting rooms, where people will try on clothes and judge them, and your office, where you do paperwork and work every day. In addition, task lighting is used as an additional light source wherever tasks need to be done.

When deciding where to put task light sources in your store, you should regularly think about what tasks or activities will be done there. For most retail stores, the first thing that comes to mind is the register, but you should also think about other tasks done in your store.

Retail Ambient Lighting

The primary source of light in your store is the lighting already there. It’s the background on which you’ll put other kinds of lighting, and it makes it easy for people to look around your space. Every part of your store should be lit up with general lighting.

Even though ambient lighting is a background, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose fixtures that make a statement. Your store can be lit up with anything from chandeliers to simple pot lights. The main goal is to make sure the light is spread out evenly so that visibility isn’t affected anywhere in your space. We’ll talk about how to make this happen later in this article.

The retail ambient lighting you choose will also be the primary light source for setting the mood you want in your store. Therefore, it would be best if you thought about how your choices for ambient lighting affect the spirit of your store. For example, we used chandeliers at a boutique with bright and warm bulbs. The bright bulbs made up for the lack of natural light, and the warm bulbs made the place feel cozy and welcoming.

Retail Decorative Lighting

Retail decorative lighting comprises lighting features that are more for looks than for function. For example, you can use retail decorative lighting to make your space look nicer or add to your storefront atmosphere.

Retail Decorative LED lighting can look like a lit window display, a string of Christmas lights, or an ornamental lamp. Lighting is a great way to decorate and show off things; it’s not just for keeping things lit.


Suppose you’re looking to improve your customer’s shopping experiences and boost product sales; looking at your retail lighting is an easy and fast way to make improvements. However, when it comes to retail lighting design and coming up with a strategy that will work, we can help you! With over 30 years in the lighting industry, we take a consultative approach toward analyzing your needs and working with you to develop a correct retail lighting plan to illuminate your sales!