Everything you need to know about LED power tracks

LED power tracks are used to power up retail shelves and other fixture based stands that require power. LED Power Tracks are a very easy way to relocate and bring power to LED strip lights, lighting fixtures or any other electrical-based devices. The process of and setting up LED power tracks takes only minutes and does not require an electrician for installation. 

LED Power Track systems are a modular-based power distribution solution that eliminates the need for complicated wires. It simplifies the way power is sent to LED lights. LED power tracks send power across the linear track and allow customers to simply snap in the LED light power using a simple system of power connectors.  

LED Power Track Shelving Systems

For retail applications, you can also try using LED power track shelf fixtures. These are specially designed edge-shelf profiles that are powered by integrated LEDs. When illuminated your prices tags and product information will stand out being easily visible. This extra light will make your product’s pricing easier to read thus improving the overall shopping experience.

If you’re looking to take your retail shelf lighting to the next level, you can deploy retail digital display shelf displays. These are small form shelf digital displays that measure 24″ in width and 2″ in depth. They can display content in HD quality and allow you to digitally display videos, commercials, images, and other media on the sign.

About LUXX Light Technology

Our LED power tracks are UL listed, scalable, and cost-effective. They are the ideal solution for bringing low-voltage power to your retail shelves to improve the way you light up your retail shelves!

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