A Total Buying Guide to LED Neon Tube Lights


LED neon tube flex lights is one of the most widespread and valuable LED lights on the market today. They are great for making a home feel cozy or brightening up a place of business. But there are so many different shapes, colors, and styles of LED neon flex lights that it can take time to know where to start. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to choose the best LED neon flex lights for your needs.


What are Traditional Neon Lights?


Cold cathode gas discharge lamps are what neon lights are. They are made of electrified glass tubes or bulbs filled with rare neon gas or other rare gases. A neon tube is a glass tube filled with low-pressure gas with electrodes at both ends. When a few thousand volts are applied to the electrodes, the gas in the tube becomes ionized. This causes the gas to shine. The color of the light comes from the gas in the tube. Neon comes from the word “neon light,” a rare gas that gives off a bright orange-red light. But you can make other colors with other gases, like hydrogen (red), helium (pink), carbon dioxide (white), mercury vapor (blue), and so on.


How do LED Neon Tube Lights do what they do?

LED Neon Tube Lights are flexible linear light that uses high-brightness SMD LED strips as the light source and is wrapped with silicone, PVC, or PU (Polyurethane) to spread the light.


What are the benefits of LED Neon Flex lights?


1. The LED light source causes a low working voltage. Small amounts of power are used, which saves energy. Even with 24Vdc, it can work well and usually doesn’t use more than 15W per meter of wire.


2. There’s a lot of light. So the light source is made of very bright SMD LEDs, with 120 LEDs per meter. This makes sure the light is bright and shines the same way everywhere.


3. Strong and long-lasting. The light source comprises LEDs, which can last up to 50,000 hours. Flexible silicone, PVC, and PU gel are also used so that the light won’t break like a traditional glass neon light.


4. The LED neon flex light can be bent and cut to make a circle at least 5 cm in diameter.


5. Safe. A high voltage of up to 15,000V is needed for traditional glass neon lights to work. On the other hand, the LED neon tube lights only need 12V or 24V and are safe because they won’t break and don’t give off much heat.


6. It’s easy to move and set up because it’s simple. It won’t break during shipping because it has an LED light source and a PVC/silicone/PU shell. You only need to put the mounting clips or channels in place first, and then you can press the LED flexible neon into the mounting clips or channels.


What’s different about LED Neon Flex Lights from other neon lights?


Traditional neon lights are expensive, hard to make, and inconvenient because they use glass tubes, high-voltage electricity, and inert gas. LED neon flex lights have a new design and are powered by LEDs. The LED light source is wrapped in PVC, silicone, or PU housing. As a result, the light is brighter and more even of a unique optical design technology and a special housing design. It’s easy to make LED neon flex and works very well.

2. LED neon tube lights shine brighter than regular neon lights.


3. LED neon flex lights last longer than regular neon flex lights and are more robust. LED neon flex has an LED light source and a PVC/silicone/PU housing to last up to 30,000 hours.

4. LED neon flexible tube lights use less power than traditional glass neon lights, which usually use more than 20W per meter.


5. In traditional neon lights, a transformer raises the voltage from 220V/100V to 15000V, which excites the gas in the glass tube. A set of glass tubes can only let out one color of light. If you need more than one color, you’ll need more than one set of glass tubes. And the shape of a traditional neon sign has to be planned ahead of time because it can’t be changed once it’s been made. LED neon flex lights can be bent and cut on-site and come in many different colors, like white, tunable white, RGB, RGBW, DMX512 Pixel, etc.


6. LED neon lights are safer because they use low voltages (12V or 24V), are shockproof, don’t give off much heat, and are easy to use.


7. Normal neon lights only work at room temperature, and while they are being used, the voltage has to be raised. This makes them cost more and makes them last less long. The LED neon tube light strips get their light from LED. LED is an excellent source of light that doesn’t give off much heat and uses very little power. It can also handle heat and shock.


How to make sure that the LED Neon Flex Light strips are suitable?


1. Make sure that the light source LED strip has LEDs, resistors, and ICs, all well-known brands.

2. Ask the factory for the LM80 test report for the LEDs and look at it to see how long the LEDs are expected to last. The L80 life span can be up to 50,000 hours for high-quality LEDs.

3. Make sure that the light source LED strip’s PCB is made of pure copper and is 2oz or 3oz thick.

4. Make sure the LED silicone neon light’s housing is made of high-quality silicone that meets RoHS standards and is resistant to UV light, flame, and corrosion.

5. Make sure that the LED silicone neon has been approved by the right groups, like CE, RoHS, UL, etc.

6. Make sure that the color temperature range of the silicone neon lamp is as narrow as possible.

7. Make sure the silicone neon lamp has a high color rendering index. As much as possible should be put into the color rendering index.

8. Make sure the led silicone neon comes with many different parts. For instance, some plugs don’t need to be soldered, plugs with integrated injection plug with different wire outlet directions, mounting clips, and clips for mounting aluminum lights.

9. Make sure the LED silicone neon can be customized, OEM’d, and ODM’d.