5 Reasons Why Grocery Retailers are Choosing LED Lighting

Strategic lighting has become a priority for today’s grocery retailers. Whether they’re looking for opportunities to reduce operational expenses, guide consumers through the store, showcase products properly, or create a unique store experience. Let’s explore why LEDs stand out as a solid investment in supermarkets:

  1. Energy Efficiency. Energy consumption ranks in the top 5 expenses of supermarkets. LUXX LED lighting reduces energy consumption, minimizes maintenance due to an ultra-long lifespan, and even brings down HVAC costs due to reduced heat output.
  2. Ambience. LED lighting is customizable to create the perfect vibe for your customers’ shopping experience.
  3. Highlight Products. Lighting can enhance your supermarket’s existing product placement plan. Pairing an effective layout with the right lighting can further drive attention to the products you want to emphasize.
  4. Keep Goods Fresh. LEDs play a vital role in preserving fresh goods, particularly perishables like meat. LED lighting is 10-14 times cooler than traditional bulbs. It therefore prevents heat damage to packaging, as well as optimizes product freshness.
  5. Make Products Look Their Best. Lighting can enhance the way your products appear to the eye. LUXX LED products are made using specially designed optics that perfectly focuses a high concentration of light output that is evenly spread. The right color temperature, coupled with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), shows the true vibrancy of produce.

The Right Color Temperature For Each Zone

Different food products have their own lighting requirements. With LED technology, the possibilities are endless.

Fruits and vegetables: An illuminated produce section equipped with high CRI Full Spectrum LEDs shows off product freshness. Mimicking natural sunlight, these LEDs accentuate the natural details and colors, ensuring your produce looks its best.

Meat, Fish, and Poultry: LEDs with a CRI >90 enhance meat sales. Our specialized pink meat LED lights are designed to intensify the redness and slow down discoloration of meat. For white meats, our fresh white LEDs accentuate the natural colors of pork, poultry, and cold cuts. For seafood, we advise opting for higher color temperatures to vividly enhance the natural colors

Bakery: Illuminate your bakery with our specially crafted amber + white LED lighting blends, enhancing the allure of freshly baked goods. Opt for Warm White 2700K, CRI >95 LEDs for optimal results.

Cheese: Opt for our 3000K LEDs to extend the lifespan of your cheese while accentuating its natural colors. We recommend Warm White 3000K, CRI >95 LEDs for best results

Supermarket lighting is a key part of store design, influencing customer experience and product presentation. When planning your supermarket layout, you can’t go wrong by prioritizing strategic lighting.